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Baby Weaning FAQ

Our baby weaning frequently asked questions will answer any questions you may have to help you along with your Childs journey.

When is the best time to start weaning my baby onto solid foods?

It is recommended that you should start weening a baby at around 6 months old. The reason for this is because a babies immune and digestive systems can't cope with solid foods.

How do I introduce solid foods to my baby?

Introduce bland food first such as baby rice or porridge mixed with breast or formula milk, and stick to this one taste for at least a week. This method will also help your baby to get used to eating from a spoon.

Can I add salt to my babies food?

As a guide babies under 1 year should have less than 1g of salt per day, which is less than 0.4g of sodium. This can be found on all food items.

What foods should I avoid giving my baby?

Avoid Shark, swordfish and marlin because these fish contain relatively high levels of mercury, which may affect your Childs nervous system. Nuts and seeds should not be given to children under 5 due to the risks of choking and allergy. Soft and unpasteurised cheeses are not suitable for children under 2 as babies immunity can not cope with the bacteria they contain.

I don't have a lot of money, how can I make sure my baby gets a varied diet on a small budget?

Baby Chefs are here for exactly this reason, we can create a menu for you cooked by our chefs at prices that are affordable

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